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Growing a business that speaks to the realities of fertility and conception

One in four women struggle to conceive, yet their experiences are often hidden from view - and moreover their access to support, guidance and clinical advice is often fragmented and expensive. Funded by Zinc VC and backed by Seedcamp, Adia Health are on a mission to provide people with holistic fertility and conception support for their whole journey; whatever might come. Following a successful proof of concept, it was time for Adia to have a brand identity that would launch them into the world. Crucially, the brand needed to be sensitive to the realities of fertility and conception, to recognise that the pathways will vary, but still drive customer acquisition.

Deliverables: Brand strategy/Print collateral/Visual identity/Tone of voice/Web development/Illustration/
Sector: Healthcare, third sector
Location: London (UK)


Language and imagery were identified as potential spark points for brand; images of babies could be triggering to a person who has just gone through loss, yet un-emotive iconography can come across cold and isolating. Terms like ‘pregnancy ready’ suggested a patronising uncertainty towards the users ability to be ready, whilst also alluding to a sense of guaranteed outcome of Adia’s fertility plans. With such an expansive minefield, we enlisted a sample consumer group to test language and gain experienced feedback in order to help us develop an inclusive and respectful vocabulary for the Adia brand.


Fertility is a journey, Adia is here to help you navigate it. By using clear, inclusive and respectful language we could not only create a brand to be proud of, but help open their products to niche markets and broader needs.


Here for your fertility journey

Adia are in such a nascent stage of their business; they’re growing, testing ideas, listening to their market. As such, their brand needs to be welcoming and understandable - but also accommodate the breadth of service and the likelihood of change. ‘Here for your fertility journey’ enables them to speak about everything from conception to menopause, whilst also paying respect to the twists and turns that people face along the way.


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Example imagery for this project
Example imagery for this project


"At Adia we have absolutely loved working with UnitedUs. They over delivered on our expectations and kept to our agreed budget, which for a startup is huge! Our product helps address a user problem that can be very emotional and sensitive. When we were looking for an agency we wanted a team who could really understand the issue and help us create a brand that was accessible, science-based and exciting to engage with. It was not an easy task, yet UnitedUs over delivered on all our goals and it was a real pleasure to work with the team. We can't recommend them enough and we look forward to a long engagement with UnitedUs as we continue to grow as a company."

Lina Chan, Founder of Adia Health