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A big change for a letting agent finding their place in Brighton.

From Brighton’s largest letting agency with a reputation that sparked protests, to a transformed business that helps people find a sense of belonging in Brighton. Coapt, formerly MTM Property, tasked us with building a brand identity that would enable them to face the competitive threats ahead, empower the new management team and restore relationships with their student tenant base of over 2,000 per year. One new name, renewed purpose, culture change, training, new office and a whole heap of creative and procedural work later and we’re proud to say that Coapt have risen to some very big challenges we’ve set them and the hard work is really paying dividends.

Deliverables: Brand strategy/Photography/Print collateral/Copywriting/Culture change/Visual identity/Digital marketing/Tone of voice/Web development/Marketing/
Sector: Property services
Location: Brighton
Partners: Sussex Signs (External signage)Chalk Architects (Interior design)


In business, a broken relationship is often so much more than a gut instinct – it’s often supported by a series of processes that subtly ingrain negative behaviour. Our student survey revealed a really disheartening story of perceived neglect and a company who had been delivering their service by the book, but without empathy. In order to facilitate the required culture shift, we embedded ourselves within the business to observe day to day interactions; created internal brand ambassadors and a programme of role play and interventions that enabled the business to have the space to evaluate where they could improve. Alongside this, our design team audited every single piece of customer comms and transformed their design, tone and means of delivery in a way that made sense for the audiences they were trying to reach.


If Coapt could help students find a sense of belonging in Brighton, then they could contribute to building a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone.


Find where you belong.

‘Find where you belong’ anchors Coapt’s commitment to providing a positive service experience to it’s tenants, and providing an inviting message to landlords who are looking to rent out their properties in the city. It’s underpinned by the Coapt team’s own experience of finding belonging in Brighton - many of whom first moved to the city as students, and stuck around for the food, culture and community, some even now becoming landlords themselves (not that we’re aging anyone there of course!). For Coapt, their purpose enables them to bring a level of empathy to their work that had been neglected, hidden behind financial targets and a strength of position having already captured over 75% of the housing market. It empowers their position and transforms the relationship they now have with the universities, students and landlords alike.


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"The UnitedUs team have been great through the process, they understand us. They truly have a passion for us to succeed and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!"

Leon Mepham, Managing Director, Coapt