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Building brands and aligning culture of acquired startups into the Fujitsu family.

In their journey to meet their brand promise of ‘shaping the future with you’, global technology giant, Fujitsu acquires some of the world’s most ambitious and forward-thinking startups whose products make our work lives smarter and more efficient. But as anyone who has been through an acquisition process will know, combining the agility and culture of a startup with the weight and gravitas of a Goliath can often lead to stifling governance. We were brought in to work with Fujitsu on two of their most recent acquisitions, devising brand identities that would enable the startups to join the global brand family, whilst still retaining their value and agility - focusing on brand culture, visual identity and scalable visual identities that make sense within the wider group.

Deliverables: Brand strategy/Photography/Print collateral/Copywriting/Visual identity/Tone of voice/Web development/Film/Employer brand/Illustration/
Sector: Technology services
Location: Paris (FR)/Dallas (US)/Tokyo (JPN)


IoT (Internet of Things) tech company RunMyProcess, and RFID tracker company Globeranger, both faced similar challenges when they were acquired by Fujitsu. How do we reconcile our own identities within the wider group? Both businesses boasted international teams – with RMP headquartered in Paris and having offices across Europe, Australia and Asia, and Globeranger spanning Dallas (TX), and London – but each had lost an understanding of who they were post-acquisition. In order to discover what the brand now is and means to its staff, we held internal workshops across the businesses locations and conducted client interviews.


Being a part of the parent group sets the wider strategy, but each businesses individual identity could find a place to flourish as a specialist team within Fujitsu, brought out through their niche team and expertise.


RunMyProcess are digital problem solvers // GlobeRanger help people find their stuff.

For RunMyProcess, it was evident that their technology was not at a mature stage, with clients valuing the people and their problem-solving approach to projects. We shifted the brand to champion the people behind the company and placed them as “Digital problem solvers” - empowering them to own their identity in Fujitsu and lead their marketing with their strongest assets. Whereas Globeranger needed to find a common language that would translate their complex systems into meaningful communication - placing the focus on animation and visual communication to show how things work. In both cases, the businesses were able to find clarity in their new positioning and resolve a new, cohesive marketing and communications strategy that made sense within the Fujitsu family.


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"Thank you all so much for your brilliant, amazing work. Your support in getting our new brand conceived, delivered and out into the wild has been fantastic - it has been an honour to work with you and to learn from you."

Dr. Ian Thomas Chief Strategy Officer RunMyProcess