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What Women Want 2.0

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Representing the voices of over 10,000 British Women

From New Zealand to New York, the newly branded What Women Want 2.0 provoked a global conversation around the progress - or lack thereof - of women as defined by their own experiences and wants over the past twenty years. Originally conducted in 1996 by Anita Roddick (Founder, Body Shop) and Sue Tibballs (CEO, Sheila McKechnie Foundation) the survey simply asked women to share what they want, and twenty years on a new generation of feminist volunteers embarked on the research to find out how far we’ve come. The subsequent brand needed to pay testament to the voices of over 10,000 British Women who responded to the survey, whilst also serving as a historical record of women's rights - with the research and report itself housed in the Women’s History Library in LSE.

Deliverables: Print collateral/Copywriting/Visual identity/Digital marketing/Web development/Film/Illustration/Business strategy/
Sector: Campaigning, politics, social action
Location: U.K
Partners: Stronger Stories (PR) and illustrators Bryony Loveridge, Ana Jaks, Xanthe Simmans, Jayde Perkin, Hazel Mead, Anni Sayers, Harri Golightly, Nonhlanhla Makuyana and Suzanne Mills


From #metoo to #TimesUp, the Women’s Marches and the ongoing takedown of celebrated men who have abused their power to the anguish of the women they were meant to support, 2018 has been a tumultuous year for women’s rights. When researching for the design of the report, we had ample material from which to gain inspiration; from protest posters to radical feminist co-working spaces like The Wing. We searched to create a visual identity for the report that would demand the attention and consideration of our British MPs in the hope that the contents of the report can continue to influence future policies in the same way that the 1996 report did. Striking the balance of academic and accessible, the report is designed to echo its own correspondents. As such; we worked with eight incredible, British, female illustrators who represented a diverse range of visual styles – an alliteration of the voices throughout the report.


If What Women Want was going to have a legacy as a cultural benchmark for the voices of British women, it needed to be the embodiment of the values it stood for: intersectional, inclusive feminism.


In their own words, on their own terms.

Simply put, the report is an opportunity to hear from the unfettered voices of women. With responses ranging from ‘a lifetime supply of chocolate’ to ‘to be able to walk home safely at night’, we wanted the design of the report to be a direct representation of the diversity of women's experience in the UK.


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"As the Director of What Women Want 2.0, a team of volunteers and I worked with the incredibly talented UnitedUs team to achieve a publication and online presence which spoke to women’s power, tenacity and multilayered experience of life in the United Kingdom. The report, website and accompanying materials were just out of this world to put it simply. Attendees at our event in Parliament were just blown away by the modern, bold and fresh look of the publication and so were we as a team."

Priscilla Mensah, Campaign Director, What Women Want 2.0